A local lad, Barry McMullen from Castledawson, sent me this poem.... Thanks Barry!




Have you ever lost your way, whenever times got tough.

Ever tried to turn the light out, when the going got too rough.

Hid away in shadows, till the dark days disappear.

Lived a life of solitude, when hope was never near.

Tried to go to sleep at night, with two eyes Open wide.

Wondered if you'll ever make it, to the other side.

Hit the drink a rattle, taken something you didnt need.

Just trying to find a release, like pouring water on a seed.

Take a look around sometime, at those most close to you.

To look out for the tell tale signs, of what they are going through.

It could be just something really simple like a smile.

That makes them stop and think about, something different for a while.

Its not a thing to mock anymore, poke fun at or to tease.

Its been clinically proved and treated, like any other disease.

I think we all know someone, who has taken their own life.

Be it a brother or sister, a husband or a wife.

No one can explain what happened, or what goes through their minds.

Maybe we could do something, if we could recognise the signs.

Be aware of those around you, see through all the bluff.

Because somewhere there is always someone, who thinks they have had enough.